Thinking to Learn, with Robert Swartz and David Perkins

Based on over 35 years in the field, Robert Swartz and David Perkins will develop and explain in detail a powerful and unifying framework for infusing the teaching of thinking into content instruction at both school and university levels that prepares students for the challenges of living in the uncertain world of the 21st Century. They will do this by showing and analyzing examples of lessons and units at the classroom level drawn from classrooms practicing the Center for Teaching Thinking’s Thinking-Based Learning project and classrooms using techniques developed at Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, including the Visible Thinking project. Lesson design materials will be distributed and participants will have the opportunity to develop their own ideas for using the techniques discussed for making a priority deep learning based on good thinking in their own classrooms and schools.

  • There will be special emphasis on the following components of this new instructional methodology:
  • Special explicit thinking strategy organizers for making ordinary kinds of thinking more skillful
  • Graphic organizers for organizing and downloading students thinking responses and making them visible in collaborative thinking groups
  • Key thinking routines that can be used to deepen and enrich thinking
  • A usable framework for prompting students to think about their thinking in ways that lead them to guide their own thinking
  • Techniques to help students internalize the use of the thinking strategies and dispositions for deep learning that they are developing as life-long skills
  • Ways to make all classrooms into thinking classrooms in which students of all abilities work together to share and enrich ideas

This program will take place in Barcelona, Spain, on the 3rd and 4th of November, 2017. Look for more details after 1 September, 2017.


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