Research Projects at 2nd Bachillerat

The students of 2nd of Baccalaureate have been doing several research projects, where they have chosen a topic and investigated it using multiple methods: from direct experience to polls to analysis of information stored in libraries and databases to experimentation. Our students have created throughout the summer and the school year many astounding investigations spanning a staggering variety of fields of expertise and with various and creative ways of approaching their chosen topic.

An example would be Enric Cata’s Spiral Galaxies by their Arms. In his research project, he has classified over 350 spiral galaxies of different sizes and distances by the shape of their spiral arms and gathered data from astronomical databases, in order to check if there was any physical characteristic that determined how spiral galaxies are shaped. After the calculations of said characteristics using gathered data and submitting them to a statistical analysis, Enric has concluded that only the size has any significance in the form of the arms of a spiral galaxy.